We work hard to bring you the absolute best quality in the wines we import. We can do that through our close association with the wineries and producers. We have spent time building a trustworthy relationship with these artisan, sophisticated bodegas, all family owned. Through this trust, a unique and special bond has taken place, rewarding you with our dedicated loyalty and supplying the absolute best wines.

About us

Our Wines

Good wine has always carried history and has been lovingly made by some of the best wine producers in the world. We bring you wines from Spain, where the process of growing the grapes and creating the beautiful end notes that make wine so special are taken very seriously and with passion. That is why all wines from our portfolio come from carefully selected producers, where history blends in with family tradition, and where wines are elaborated with dedication and careful craftsmanship.

Because the best wines express the characteristics of the places they come from, and invoke the senses through their colour, smells and tastes. Our portfolio is from wineries which are among the best in their region of Spain.

About us

Our Commitment

At Andina Wines are committed to supply the best quality wines, we never compromise on quality.

About us

Our Vision

Our vision is simple. To please our customers while growing our sophisticated supply of wine producers. We will always bring you the very best!

About us

The Passion for Wine

Wine is incredibly tantalising and delicious. it creates harmony in the mind and body. We source from family owned wineries where tradition and the ancient knowledge of wine making are brought together.  The process is complex, and the best grapes in the region are carefully hand selected. Wine making is considered an art all its own, and we bring you first class wines from the most prestigious wineries in their wine regions to tempt and enjoy.

Drinking wine often evokes good memories and sensations of wellbeing. The taste upon our lips of the most seductive wines conjures images of our dearest and most treasured friends and family, beautiful and full of flavour. We are sure tasting our wines will be an unforgettable experience.

About us

Our Philosophy

Customers are always our number one priority. We never take anything for granted, and aim to please all our customers large or small. Our customers demand the best, and we aim to fulfil that demand with only the best flavoursome wines, we are very selective. Always increasing our demand, we look for the wines that suit our discerning customers and never compromise on quality.

We believe our customers are experienced wine drinkers and demand the best. This is good for us, because our name is built on quality and trust. Become part of our journey and enjoy the tastes of Spain with your friends and family. We have built the bond and trust with our producers, so that you, our most loyal customer, have the best quality wines at your disposal. When you become a customer, you will be tasting excellent wines and understand why they far exceed the average.