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Our Winery in D.O. Navarra

Our winery D.O. Navarra is located in Cáseda, an old traditional town in the Central Area of Navarra (Zona Media), on the banks of the Aragón River known as Baja Montaña area (foothills).

It’s one of those wineries which pays meticulous attention to detail, in which everything is carefully looked after and preserved.

The building was constructed in 1951, and combines traditional features with the latest technologies used in wine-making. All of its repositories are made from concrete, which are excellent for wine-making and for preserving, in all their splendour, the fruitiness and freshness of our wines.

In our wine cellar, French and American oak barrels, as well as oak barrels from Navarra, live in harmony, and give us perfectly blended, elegant and balanced wines which fuse fruity aromas and the delicious flavours of the Garnacha grape (Grenache) with the delicate improvement to its taste which the wine acquires after resting in the barrels.

Bodegas Olimpia - Navarra

The Climate and the Terroir

Our vineyards, our land, are the essence of our wines located in the Navarra’s zones of Artajona and Lerga, they are an ideal enclave for cultivating our Garnacha grapevines.

It is a unique site, in which we can see the influence of both the Mediterranean and Atlantic climates. Each one lends characteristics which are conducive to crop growth and they allow for slow and balanced ripening.

Just as our ancestors did on these very fields, we cultivate the Garnacha and Graciano grapes, with meticulous attention to detail, dedication and care, in a traditional and sustainable manner; maintaining the natural balance of the soil and using exclusively organic fertilizers.

Our vineyards’ soil lends the wines a unique personality thanks to the equilibrium created by the clays, sands, gravel and limestone; this is the ideal soil for cultivating grapes- it is wild, yet rich at the same time. It is one of those types of soil which forces the grapevine to fight and which endows it with a unique character.

Bodegas Olimpia

Our Winery in D.O.C. La Rioja

Our winery D.O.C. Rioja is surrounded by Tempranillo vineyards. It’s located in the region of La Rioja which is situated in the sub-zone of Rioja Alta, in Bobadilla town. It’s an ideal area for cultivation of the vine between the monastic routes of San Millan de la Cogolla and Valvanera, where the Najerilla river is born.

It has ideal production facilities for the wine-making process following the experience and tradition in Rioja. With delicacy we care for our vineyards with the same attention to detail, to improve each local variety during our totally handpicked harvest, making sure these is a selection on the vine to bring only the best grapes to the winery.

In our wine cellar, French and American oak barrels live in harmony, and offer us a unique feature in each variety. In the barrels area the perfectly blended wines which fuse fruity aromas and the delicious flavours of the grape with the delicate improvement to its taste which the wine acquires after resting in the barrels.

Bodegas Olimpia - La Rioja

The Climate and The Terroir

The living expression of Spanish wines, La Rioja is a region located in a privileged area of the wine production, ideal to make high quality wines with unique personality and great aptitude for ageing.

Our winery is located in the region of La Rioja which is situated in the delimited production area by Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja. It’s surrounded by Tempranillo vineyards which thanks to a selected and handpicked harvest we use to make the wines.

The geographic characteristics of the area have contributed to create a perfectly natural marked and enclosed area which benefits from the confluence of Atlantic and Mediterranean climates which give us clement weather and annual rainfall of more than 400l/m2, perfect conditions to grow the vine.

The type of ground that predominates is calcified clay, iron and alluvial earth which results in quality winemaking with a well balanced structure (sand, lime and clay) it’s slightly alkaline and poor in organic material, with moderate summer rainfall.

Bodegas Olimpia

Our Philosophy

In our wineries we combine the passion for the vineyards with a careful maintenance of the art of winemaking. Three generations who share the same dream to build our own legacy in the land of Navarra and Rioja.

Faithful to our roots in Bodegas Olimpia we make our wines with the native varieties of our region in our effort to maintain the family legacy which strengthens and keeps our sense of identity alive.

Bodegas Olimpia

Our Wines

Our wines are a reflection of the work and knowledge of our heritage. With delicacy we care for our vineyards and select them with love during our totally hand picked harvest.

Our oenologist is in charge of providing excellence in the wine making process, starting a delicate voyage which ends with us offering you Bodegas Olimpia’s exclusive characteristics. After the final ageing in the bottle we can enjoy our individual creation of excellence, with strength and elegance, with aromatic tones and variety of flavours.

Bodegas Olimpia

The Family

The wine-making story of the Pérez de Ciriza family began in 1952, when the family moved from their home town of Artajona to Pamplona and established their first winery. After the years, the new generations have been incorporated into the winery continuing the project and knowing how to maintain the essence of their origin while renewing the new era.

The Pérez de Ciriza family (from left to right): Pablo, Berta, Fernando, Pablo Javier

Bodegas Olimpia

The Oenologist

There are certain people who, although not related to you by blood, they look on as a member of your family. After many years working side-by-side, based on a mutual trust, Patxi Moriones is one of those people for us.

He is a Technical Agricultural Engineer, having graduated from the Navarre Public University, and holds a Masters degree in Oenology from the La Rioja University. After 25 years working in his field, he has become one of the most prestigious professionals in Navarre. Also he is member in Navarre’s tasting panel of the community since 2007.

Patxi was born into a family of oenology and viticulture technicians in Navarre, and, as such, he has been surrounded by the art of wine-making throughout his life. In addition, he is one of the region’s leading oenologists in terms of his knowledge of managing and cultivating the Garnacha grape, with which he has been working for years.

He is the technical director of our winery who with passion and dedication to his craft, he creates our finest and most elegant wines -more than that, however, he is a part of our family.

Bodegas Olimpia

Our Grapes

To know the land and grapes varieties is fundamental to extract the best from them. We learnt from our ancestors how to cultivate and evaluate every variety of grape in its natural home.

Garnacha, the personality of Navarra

In our Navarre vineyards we specialize in cultivating our autonomous grape varieties: Garnacha and Graciano, grapes which have unbeatable qualities for the making of unforgettable wines for their intense colour, aroma and good acidity.

Tempranillo, the essence of La Rioja

The winery located in La Rioja, an area of great wine making tradition is surrounded by Tempranillo vineyards, grapes noted for its fruit and aromas, well known as one of the most prestigious varieties. Tempranillo grapes in Rioja are justifiably world renowned for their quality.

Bodegas Olimpia

The Wines

All our wines are suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Olimpia Garnacha Blanca


Olimpia 15 de Abril


Olimpia Primera Generación


Olimpia Legado de Familia


Olimpia Edición Limitada


Olimpia 1917 Reserva